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Mourning Cloak Shrouds
Our sister company, Mourning Cloak Shrouds provides our hand made shrouds. 
Shrouds are our most ancient form of burial. The body was wrapped in a natural fibre cloth such as linen, wool, silk, hemp or cotton.  Many people today still choose this option for themselves or their loved ones. 

Our hand-made shrouds are an economical and environmentally friendly choice and echo this time-honoured tradition for burial or cremation.    

The Mourning Cloak

This shroud is made from unbleached cotton with jute handles for a beautifully natural and simple alternative to a coffin.


The Mourning Cloak is well suited for direct to ground green burial with its sturdy double stitched construction, canvas backing with sewn-in pocket for back support board*. The jute webbing makes six comfortable carry handles as well as making this shroud a safe and secure way to convey your loved one. Tested to 260 pounds.  

  • Shroud  (up to 6’ 5”/1.98m)                    $395.00

  • Custom (please call to order custom size)

*board not included

The Simple Shroud 

This shroud is made from natural unbleached cotton and has the same double wrap-over design as the Mourning Cloak. 

This style does not have handles for carrying. 

It is suitable for use inside a coffin, or direct to ground burial when used with a carrying board or cart.  

  • Shroud  (up to 6’ 5” /1.98m)                   $250

  • Custom (please call to order a custom size)

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